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A collection of the FAQ from each section of the Resin documentation.

Features FAQ

Who uses Resin?

What operating systems are supported with Resin?

Installation FAQ

Where can I put .jar files so that they are available to all of my web applications?

I have some jar files that are used by all of my web applications. Where can I put them so that I do not have to put them in WEB-INF/lib for every web application that I have?

What happened to bin/resin?

With Resin 2.1 used to run make; make install and then use the binary bin/resin to start Resin, but in Resin 3.0 I can't find the binary. What happened to it?

How can I bind to a port under 1024 and still run as a non-root user?

I want to bind resin to port 80, but my operating system only allows root to bind to ports under 1024. If I run Resin as root, it is a security risk. How can I start Resin as root but then change the user and group id after it is bound to the port?

Can I run multiple instances of Resin on the same machine?

One instance is for production, one for deployment testing.

Why do I get `can't connect to parent' after installing Resin?

What happened to exception-type='connection'?

In Resin 2.1 I used an exception-type='connection' with <error-page> to specify the page to show when IIS or Apache could not reach the backend Resin server, but that does not work any more.

IIS 6 will not serve .exe files

Everything seems to work, except that for every file with a .exe extension I get "HTTP 404 - File not found".

Configuration FAQ

Where is the configuration GUI, and the GUI for deploying web-apps and new virtual hosts?

Where can I find the .rnc files that Resin uses for validating configuration files?

Can I precompile JSP's?

How can I disable directory listings?

Directory listing is performed by a servlet named `directory'. The standard resin.conf contains a definition of that servlet:

What impact does always-save-session have on performance?

We've seen significant performance issues when distributed sessions are enabled, and are trying to find some clues as to the cause. We've seen as much as 30% increase in cpu utilization when disttributed sessions are enabled, and we are using <always-save-session> .

Web Applications FAQ

How are path related values of the request object changed after a forward or include?

When I have a jsp "index.jsp" and it does a forward to "target.jsp", request.getRequestURI() returns the path for "target.jsp". How can I get the value for the original uri?

Class.forName() doesn't seem to work right

When I do Class.forName(classname).getInstance() I do not seem to a newly loaded Class Object. It seems that I always just get the cached old version and not a new version if I compile a new Class into the classpath.

Why do I have to put my classes in a package?

If I make a class that is not in a package, Resin does not recognize it and does not load it.

How do I specify the default file encoding?

I want to specify the default file encoding for InputStreamReader and OutputStreamReader, using the system property file.encoding, but it doesn't seem to work.

Resources/JNDI/JCA FAQ

Can I link one JNDI name to another?

My application is coded to find a UserTransaction using the name "java:comp/env/UserTransaction", is there some way that I can link that name to "java:comp/UserTransaction", like a symbolic link on a Unix filesystem?


Why I am getting extra whitespace in the output of my JSP?

I'm getting a lot of whitespace in my JSP that I don't intend to be there. Why is it appearing and how can I get rid of it?

Security FAQ

Can I use different SSL certificates for each virtual host?

We have two domains on one server. Is there an example config file showing how to have multiple ssl certificates, one for each virtual host?

Why does Resin say I need OPENSSL_THREADS when I try to use OpenSSL?

Resin dies with an error on startup "Resin requires a threaded version of OpenSSL. OpenSSL must be compiled with OPENSSL_THREADS for Resin to use it."

What is the sequence of handshakes for an SSL connection?


How do I configure Resin 3 to apply a server-side XSLT transformation?

In 2.1.x I added a processing instruction and everything worked. In 2.1.x I did the following:

  1. Set the content-type to application/xsl
  2. Add a PI

How do I indicate the stylesheet to use for the transformation?

Resin's XsltFilter determines the stylesheet to apply from the first of:

Performance FAQ

How many concurrent users can a Resin server handle?

Does Resin use NIO for improved performance?

How does Resin use JNI?

Common Problems FAQ

Commonly encountered problems and error messages and their solution.

Specification version 1.3 of package javax.servlet, J2EE Specification, version 1.3 is not compatible with Resin Resin-3.0.x. Resin-3.0.x requires version 2.4.

class file has wrong version 48.0, should be 47.0

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